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Events Today : The Railway Man (new) @ The Flicks 1 & The Flicks 2 Michael Winterbottom's Everyday (new) @ The Flicks 1 Metro Manila (new) @ The Flicks 1 & The Flicks 2 Drummer and DJ-Live Session - with DJs Wes-T & Flo and drummer Greg Lavender @ Meta House Green Night - environmental night with Green Market and exhibition @ Meta House Green Night @ Meta House Danger On The Edge Of Town @ Meta House Shameless! @ Pontoon Swing Class @ The Village Criminal @ Cinemax Munster, Go Home! @ Cinemax Trouble With The Curve @ HBO The Dukes Of Hazzard @ HBO OZ The Great And Powerful @ Fox Movies Premium Twister @ Fox Movies Premium Gourmet Farmer s1 @ Australia Network Food Safari s4 @ Australia Network